Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions

The team of The Insider offers you to make a donation by any convenient means under the following conditions.

The present offer is an offer by the team of The Insider (hereinafter, The Insider) to conclude a donation agreement with any individual willing to accept this offer (hereinafter, the Donor) under the conditions listed below:

  • The offer shall come into force on the day following the day of its publication on The Insider’s website on the Internet at donate.theins.ru and theins.ru (hereinafter, the Website).
  • The offer shall remain valid indefinitely. The Insider reserves the right to terminate the offer at any time without providing justification. The offer may be subject to amendments and additions, which shall come into force on the day following the day of their publication on the Website. The nullity of one or multiple conditions of the offer shall not entail the nullity of the remaining conditions thereof.
  • By agreeing to the offer, the Donor expresses their consent to receive transactional messages from The Insider in confirmation of payments made.
  • The Donor shall transfer the funds to The Insider on a non-repayable basis to the amount established by the Donor for the purposes indicated in the present agreement.
  • Donation purpose: the funds shall be used to support The Insider's statutory and operational activities.
  • The date of donation shall be considered the date of receipt of the Donor’s funds in The Insider’s account.
  • The Insider reserves the right to reject the donation at any time prior to its receipt and within 15 days after its transfer. If the donation is rejected, The Insider shall refund the donation within 15 days after the decision about its rejection was made. If it is not possible to return the donation to the Donor, the amount shall remain at The Insider's disposal.

The Donor's rights

The Donor has the right to withdraw their donation within 15 days after the day of the transaction. The Donor shall notify The Insider about their intention in writing by submitting a request at [email protected]. The Insider shall return the donation within 15 days upon receipt of the Donor’s request.

Performing the actions suggested by the present offer, the Donor confirms they are familiar with the conditions and text of the present offer, are aware of the purpose of The Insider's activities, have the full power and authority to perform said actions, and fully accept the terms and conditions of the present offer.

Personal data security

In line with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the Donor hereby consents to the processing of their personal data by any lawful means for the purposes of executing the present offer. The Insider does not transfer personal data to third parties.

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