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  • Why does The Insider need crowdfunding?

    Investigative journalism, which forms the core of our activities, has become one of the main weapons in the fight for establishing the rule of law in Russia. Investigations of corrupt Russian officials, the ties between those in power and the mob, lawless acts of securocrats, and many other hot topics are a prerequisite for the development of a functional civil society.

    A powerful tool for countering state propaganda, our Antifake project is no less important. To combat the intensifying flow of misinformation, we regularly verify the facts behind statements made by Putin and other politicians and monitor the key Russian media for fake news.

    Our opinion column, a platform where we give the floor to the most renowned independent experts, provides the opportunity to broaden the discussion space, which is shrinking by the day in modern-day Russia.

    Our audience is growing fast, and we are looking to expand our team to be able to conduct more quality investigations, publish more analytical pieces, and commission more reports from different Russian regions. More than just a source of financing, crowdfunding is also a way for us to remain a fully independent publication, which we have been since day one.

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